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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Have you heard what happening at Holiday Letting Shop ?

Holiday Letting Shop owner, Sharon Jackson, has introduced a new retail travel partnership between the Holiday Letting Shop and her newly acquired retail travel agency RubyBlue Travel Limited.

Sharon added, "After acquiring the retail travel agency, it made sense to form a partnership with the two products and offer our Holiday letting Shop customers an even greater service as part of the RubyBlue Group".

Holiday Letting Shop Customers will also benefit with discounts and special offers from the travel agency when they deposit or rent their accommodation through Holiday Letting Shop.

Sharon also added "I have decided to take the business in a new direction and expand our whole travel services package; I believe that both products enhance each other perfectly and this is a natural progression for the group".

"We have a team of designers working on our new website at the moment as part of the whole development plan, and I am very excited about the re-launch of the new and improved Holiday Letting Shop".


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